What I Watched This Month – February 2020

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  • “The Farewell” was really good…should’ve gotten more awards season love
  • Finally got around to “The Edge of Seventeen”…emotional rollercoaster
  • “Obvious Child” was a cute little movie…watched it after seeing Jake Lacy in “High Fidelity” and wanted to see more of him
  • “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”…cute but not as good as the 1st
  • “Birds of Prey”…still don’t know how I feel but the soundtrack was hella dope
  • So glad I finally got around to “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 9.44.19 PM

  • “The Yellow Handkerchief”…this was a weird one…
  • “The Gentlemen”…I really enjoyed this one…it was fun
  • My jury is still out on “Fast Color”…really dug the black women with super powers though
  • “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…one of my absolute favorites of all time…seen it so many times
  • “Bad Boys for Life”…I thought this one was trying too hard
  • “Just Mercy”...late to the party on this one, but finally saw it…loved the book more

I also went and saw “Parasite” for a second time in the theatre and binged “Hunters” on Amazon Prime (jury is still out on this one too) and “High Fidelity” on Hulu (super cute and dope…now I just need to see the movie LOL). I also watched a lot of screeners for my other review gig, check them out here.