The Kissing Booth (2018)

Another Netflix YA rom-com…not as good as “To All the Boys…” but cute…although a little problematic. High school student Elle (played by Joey King) looked all of 14 while Noah (played by Jacob Elordi) looked like a grown-ass man, all of 25 LOL. Another basic “awkward ‘lil sis’ type girl falls in love with the handsome, popular guy” with a few added extras like the “best friend/brother” and mental health/anger management road bumps thrown in. “The Kissing Booth” did do a disservice by not really addressing Noah’s anger issues and just letting him ride off into the Harvard sunset SMH. I’m all about ‘real people’ stories and people being flawed, but because this was a YA film, I felt like they director/writer should have done more to address the issue and maybe have some consequences for Noah. Other than that, the casting was a little iffy and for some reason, it felt like a “B-movie.” I believe this one is getting a sequel… Just watch “To All the Boys…” again LOL. Currently streaming on Netflix.