Warsaw 44 (2014)

For some reason, I felt like I had seen this Polish film (although the odds are very slim LOL)…Maybe it was just déjá vu or it reminds me of another film.

The way this film was shot and some of the battle/fighting scenes gave this somewhat of a fantastical feel to it, but were very well done and cool looking…but kinda takes the WWII film out of the realm of reality. For some reason, I always think its cool when I watch a foreign film or show and recognize someone that I’ve seen in another work (don’t ask me why, it just is LOL). Zofia Wichlacz who plays “Biedronka” was also in “1983” a Polish TV show I’ve been watching on Netflix (its pretty good).  Józef Pawlowski who plays “Stefan” was really good in this role.


This film is a story of friendship, family, love, rebellion, youth and hope. It was well-cast and well-acted. Overall, a really good film. But be warned, the way this was filmed made it a more “fun” (that’s not really the right word…films about war, death and the depravity of mankind are never really “fun” to watch) movie than a realistic depiction of the Polish resistance in 1944.

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