Come What May (2015)

A film about a father separated from his young son during WWII and the journey the two take thereafter. This film was beautifully shot with amazing locales. Every actor involved was exceptional with this film being shot in English, German and French. German actor August Diehl (Parfum, Inglorious Basterds, Salt) was great as the father, Hans, who will do and go through anything to reunite with his son…risking life and death. French actress Alice Isaaz who played the young, French teacher who grows attached to young Max (played by Joshio Marlon currently in Dark) was amazing and gave a really grounded performance. Olivier Gourmet, who played the Mayor of a small French town, and his wife played by Mathilde Seigner, were exceptional.


The film will really tug at your heart strings…one scene in particular for me (bet you can’t guess which one!) And my bestie (in my mind) Matthew Rhys was thrown in for good measure and some much needed levity as Percy, the Scottish soldier who helps Hans…seemed to be a roll written for him. His performance was so natural and effortless. Even many of the minor French townsfolk were great.

This was well shot, well-written and well directed for a movie on this scale…cinematography and editing were great…the location scouting team and those in charge of set design and costume really made the viewer feel transported to the French countryside in the ’40s on the brink of a catastrophic event. Overall a good watch. Currently streaming on Netflix.