Mute (2018)

In order to mold his people, Got often has to melt them. — Amish proverb

This one kinda gave me Blade Runner vibes…but don’t misunderstand, they are NOT on the same level. But they both have that dystopian future vibes (like a lot of films nowadays…that’s the future we obviously have to look forward to SMH). But Mute was kinda confusing and not really good. And you can really tell that Alexander Skarsgard loves this acting thing…he’s always taking these weird roles in these weird films (e.g. Hold the Dark)…good for him! Justin Theroux‘s character was weird AF…as was Paul Rudd‘s, but he still had that little jokester appeal somewhat. German actress Seyneb Saleh (who’s in Dogs of Berlin a great German show on Netflix) was great as “Naadirah” though. Honestly, all the acting was pretty good. Overall, this movie was just really dark and really weird. The storyline was a little much and kind of scatterbrained…doing too much. Watch if you want, I wanted to like it, but… Currently streaming on Netflix.