Quick Review: Conspiracy (2001)

I’ve always been fascinated by how rational, sane people get swept up into the frenzy and follow people with maniacal, crazy destructive ideas and theories. This movie is a historical drama about the Nazi’s final “Final Solution” and the conversations leading up to it. This movie essentially takes place in one room around a table and includes some great actors giving convincing performances and a lot of familiar faces (including Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, Ben Daniels, Kevin McNally, Brian Pettier, Colin Firth, Ian McNeice, Owen Teale and Brendan Coyle amongst others…you might not recognize all their names but if you saw them you’d be like “hey, I’ve seen him before…” lol). I used to love me some Kenneth Branagh back in the day…he’s so freakin’ talented! This one tries to humanize some folks who were a part of some horrendous atrocities against mankind, but if you’re looking for a serious, heavy almost “theatrical” film, give this one a try. (Currently streaming on Showtime)